“Rain Rain Go Away” with a 3D penned umbrella

Take a 3D penned umbrella on a rainy day

This season has been pretty unusual with several storms that “slammed” the Bay Area. On the bright side, it’s perfect to make a unique umbrella with a 3D pen!

Umbrella making with a 3D pen

Similar to making an urchin, we again used a pit ball as a mold. The process is therefore easy!

  1. Doodle the ribs on a pit ball
  2. Connect the tips of the ribs with curvy lines
  3. Fill in the panels with your favorite colors!
  4. Take it off from the pit ball when ready
  5. Doodle an end and a shaft with a handle
  6. Attach to the body
  7. (optional) Add a few stretchers inside
The step-by-step of umbrella making with a 3D pen

We created a 3 x 3 x 4 inch umbrella in about 70 minutes (mostly went into filling the colors.) Since my daughter suggested making a “rainbow” umbrella, each color took about one 3Doodler Start’s strand, as a total of 7–8 filament strands. These include red, orange, yellow, peach, blue, and green for the panels, with some more brown and grey for the structure.

With the reopening of the Bay Area after this recent holiday surge, these storms hit at a less preferable time. Fortunately, a rainy day can still be fun!